Papel wants to expand the possibilities of contemporary art market by connecting your needs and interests with the production of qualified artists. We strongly believe in art and handcraft value, and in the idea that art should be part of our daily life. We work with different types of paper artworks; we focus on printing and graphic techniques, creative papercraft and wallpaper. We supply original and certified products and art pieces from international artists. Papel has its office and shop in central Rome. We coinceve our space as a lab for expositions, constant promotion of emerging artists and art consultancy for people interested in experiencing the power of art.

Ellen Von Wiegand
Imprenta Rescate
Ignacio Rivas
Lieke Van der Vorst
Didi on paper

22-26 Oct 2019 | 14:00
Lieke Van der Vorst
The dutch illustrator in exhibition in Rome
Free admission
Via Tor de' Conti, 21 - Roma
1 apponintments
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