Casa Vuota

There are many ways to dwell in a house and art can be a significant way, something meaningful, a dialogue, sometimes unsettling. Casa Vuota is a domestic space temporarily uninhabited that opens its doors to the public and becomes a box of contemporary art. It welcomes contemporary artists, whose personal and collective projects are made to measure for the rooms of the apartament and go along with a calling to experimentation and contamination of different expressive languages.

Forget about white walls and aseptic appearances, they are meant for a traditional art gallery. Casa Vuota is raw and consumed, a suburban place away from the center. Its scars, its strains, its plagued skin are a matter of pride. An old wallpaper, some holes in the wall, the outline of paintings that are not there anymore are its strenghts. In every corner you might pick up the sweet old pervading scent of the previous lives, as if they were possible stories to be told. Deeply immersed in this atmosphere, the guest will find himself in between two lives, in an experience that is made possible thanks to exhibitions. An interregnum to tiptoe in and, maybe, to be part of.

Since 2017, Casa Vuota hosted many exhibitions of artists like Pierluca Cetera, Filippo Riniolo, Massimo Ruiu, Alberto Torres Hernández, Isotta Bellomunno, Riccardo Mannelli, Natascia Abbattista, Mariantonietta Bagliato, Patrizia Piarulli, Franco Cenci, Domenico Ventura, Damiano Azzizia, Nordine Sajot, Andrea Fiorino, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Enrico Pantani, Marco Emmanuele.

2 apponintments
2 apponintments
2 apponintments
11 Sep-31 Oct 2017
Filippo Riniolo. I latitanti sono loro
Parlare di terrorismo utilizzando i linguaggi dell’arte e della poesia
Free admission
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Casa Vuota
Via Maia 12, int. 4A - ROMA
2 apponintments
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