Galleria d'Arte Consorti

The Augusto Consorti Gallery started its activity in 1963, crossing the artistic movements of those years and establishing relationships with most of the artists of the time up to today. Since these years, the exhibition space of Augusto Consorti is identified, from the point of view of the proposals, with the dialectic between tradition and innovation that characterizes all Italian art, in the name of quality. 

Gianni Asdrubali 'Zunta' 2015, acrylic on canvas, cm. 80x68
Vito Bongiorno 'La rottura dell'orizzonte', 2016,ash, acrylic and charcol on wood, cm. 93,5x93,5
Bruno Ceccobelli 'Pesca abissi', 1991, mixed media on wood, cm. 91x88

22-27 Oct 2018
L'ABC dell'arte
Asdrubali, Bongiorno & Ceccobelli
Free admission
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Galleria d'Arte Consorti
Via Margutta 52/a - Roma
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