Fondazione smART - polo per l'arte

smART - polo per l’arte is a Foundation, which was formed on the initiative of Margherita Marzotto, Stephanie Fazio e Giorgia Rissone with the aim of bringing the public closer to the contemporary art through the promotion of a varied program of exhibitions, meetings, workshops, educational courses and cultural activities.

The Foundation supports artistic works in its critical interfacing with contemporary reality and is committed to promote an essential aspect: the communication between the actors of this scene and the public in a perspective of hospitality and sharing. The Foundation proposes itself as an artistic pole, a place to present and introduce the work of artists, creating opportunities for knowledge and deepening of artistic research.


Careful research in the arts and the contemporary culture, as well as openness to dialogue and collaboration with different actors and other realities, are the basis of all the projects carried out by smART.

The Foundation realizes two exhibitions per year in its spaces, supporting artists in both production and promotion. We invite artists to create new projects, which are in intimate relationship with our space, with a strong domestic connotation, and we offer them the opportunity to live short residences to give a new impulse to their research and creativity. For a few weeks the artists come out of their studies and enter our multifaceted reality, in contact with different visual, cultural and human stimuli. We also support their work with a monographic catalogue that accompanies the exhibition.

Alongside the exhibition program Foundation smART - polo per l’arte offers a series of cultural meetings to dialogue with the different protagonists of the Italian and international artistic scenario and an educational program made of workshops and workshops at various levels of training.

With particular attention to the younger generation, we are intensifying our collaboration with schools and academies, also starting school-work alternation projects, encouraging students' experience in the world of work.

It also supports and promotes specific off-site projects.

Prospettiva di una matrioska, soloshow by Valerio Nicolai, curated by Marcello Smarrelli, Installation view
3412 Kafka, soloshow by Carola Bonfili, curated by Ilaria Gianni. Installation view
Un giorno tutto questo sarà tuo,  soloshow by Mattia Pajè, curated by Saverio Verini
Studio visit - Artists Silvia Giambrone and Davide Dormino
Gabriello Picco, residence for per Ultimo Dipinto
Sibi jr curated byRoberto Fassone, workshop for Artisti in erba
Il Novecento in dieci opere. A talk with Claudio Zambianchi, series of talks curated by Davide Ferri
Tirate sul curatore. A talk with Chiara Parisi. Series of talks curated by Saverio Verini

27 Oct 2020 | 11:00
smART Foundation presents BLAC ILID by Andrea Kvas curated by Davide Ferri
Event on reservation
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Fondazione smART - polo per l'arte
Piazza Crati, 6/7 - Roma
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18 Apr-26 Oct 2018
White Paper
smART - polo per l’arte presents White Paper, an exhibition by Namsal Siedlecki
Free admission
No RAW Live
smART - polo per l'arte
Piazza Crati, 6/7 - 00199
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