Associazione Culturale Studio Tiepolo38

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Studio TiEpolo38 stems from the desire to create a space of exchange between concept and creation. A space intended not only as an exhibition container, attentive to different forms of artistic expression but also as a meeting point where, the interaction between the different forms of art and taste contributes to the enrichment of our knowledge of ourselves. A meeting place between different thoughts, open to the many forms that contemporary art knows, can and must take.
Studio Tiepolo38 is a place where people can discover the pleasure derived from the use of the senses, but also the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of doing, the pleasure of seeing, of feeling.
Studio TiEpolo38 is part of a renewed urban context in a district that is taking on a new cultural connotation mainly thanks to two important projects, which contribute to giving the neighborhood a new identity; the Museum dedicated to the art of the XXI century designed by architect Zaha Hadid and the auditorium designed by Renzo Piano.