Alea Contemporary Art

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Alea Contemporary Art Cultural Association was born from the idea of ​​four artists of different generations and backgrounds have been able to marry, over time, traditional engraving techniques with experimental printing techniques, up to get to the use of unexpected and unusual materials in the graphic area. Equipped with a printing laboratory inside the gallery, with Alea Contemporary Art, the engraved art opens the door to different artistic languages, such as photography, painting, comics, sculpture, ceramics and artistic gems.

Experimentation and contamination are therefore the two key words that best represent the activities that the Association offers in the heart of Garbatella, a district chosen precisely because it is rich in innovative start-ups and a creative coworking reality.

Ready to dialogue with every trend and style, Alea Contemporary Art intends to create not only a place for meetings and exchanges between artists, critics and institutions, but creative creation open to all: we organize workshops and courses of engraving and printing of art , also dedicated to the disabled, jewelry workshop, photography, ceramics, etc. and performative events and art exhibitions.

Art Gallery and Workshop
Opening Alea, serata di apertura
 Inauguration of the Salvatore Provino's personal exhibition, Io Sono un Pittore
Collective exhibition of Alea's artists
Francesca Gabrielli, curator of the collective exhibition of artistic jewelery, Four Jewelers
Collective exhibition of Alea's artists
Frank Martinangeli during his engraving courses, printmaking
Andrea Pacini during an interactive printing workshop for children