Contemporary Cluster

Contemporary Cluster is a place consecrated to experimentation on contemporary art and contemporaneity passing through different approaches and modalities. The cultural offer of the gallery focuses on interdisciplinary concern, exchange and research.

Conceived as a project space, Contemporary Cluster is an interplay among disciplines: Art, Architecture, Photography, Design, Sound Design, Fashion Design, Scent Design. The result of the interrelation between these different sectors give rise to a global project where the "product" becomes a contemporary, unique and luxurious subject.

The primary interest of Contemporary Cluster is to trespass the limits and canons of tradition in order to approach the contemporary world from a completely new and modern perspective.

Temporary exhibitions, cultural promotion, new productions, workshop, research and multidisciplinary experimentation, collaborations with brands and societies: these are some of the proposals of Contemporary Cluster.



Square Room - Tadao Cern show
Joe Clarke installation
Piero Mottola work, stairway wall
Demsky show, columns Room
Ciriaco Campus show, columns Room
Gerald Bruneau, Chelsea Hotel, first floor
Errore Digitale, cave
Olivier de Sagazan Performance

24 Oct 2019 | 19:00
Buildt on a lie
Il nuovo progetto di Numero Cromatico presentato per la prima volta negli spazi
Free admission
Contemporary Cluster
Via dei Barbieri, 7 - Roma
1 apponintments
20 Oct-02 Dec 2018
Bauhaus Club
Contemporary Cluster presenta “Bauhaus Club”
Free admission
Contemporary Cluster
Via dei Barbieri, 7 - Roma
1 apponintments
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