Associazione Culturale Atelier

The Atelier cultural association is active since 2001 in Rome, in Via Panisperna 236 in the Monti district, becoming a promoter of a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of contemporary art and expressive languages, involving both Italian and foreign artists.

Over the years the association has organized numerous exhibitions, meetings, conferences, seminars, book and workshop presentations, collaborating with both private individuals and with public institutions, thus giving visibility to well-known artists, but also to younger and less known ones. Some of them exhibited their works for the first time in Italy at Atelier. Over the years, a solid community of Italian and international artists has been created around Atelier, aimed at promoting different artistic techniques, with a special focus on engraving and drawing.

From 2011 to the present day, Atelier celebrates its artists with a collective exhibition, Happy New Art, which has become a sort of emblem of Atelier.


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1 apponintments
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