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In December 2018 Fax Factory, born as a Cultural Association, changes its guise evolving into Fax Factory Arts & Specialty Coffee, where the founders Diego Magrini, Luca Palazzi and Gaia Aurora Olmedo, the latter already protagonists of the Italian Specialty Coffee scene for many years, decide to combine the original artistic-cultural project with a high-quality specialty coffee shop, serving coffees from italian and international roasters. Fax Factory presents single origin certified 100% Arabica specialty grade coffee from italian and foreign roasteries, among which stand out the Coffee Roasteries of Taste Map in Vilnius, Cocóra in Malaga, Coffee Winks in Alicante, Fjord from Berlin, Colonna and Origin in Bristol and London.

The fax, as a tool, represents a moment of transition from analog to digital, an instant communication, direct and personal; in the same way, Fax Factory aims to convey the message of emerging artists.

FAX was born as a center of aggregation and multifunctional events, it makes different artistic forms interact (exhibitions, vernissages, workshops, acoustic concerts, coffee tastings and training courses) thus creating a bridge between people who enjoy culture and questioning the very concept of art gallery or coffee shop.

FAX is not a sterile art exhibition. Its aim is experimentation, bringing to Rome what the founders thought was missing: a heterogeneous experiential sharing space without distinction between the activities that take place within it, an incubator open to the ideas of others and to cultural innovation.

Among the international artists who exhibited there were the photographer Alan Barbero (Paris), the painter Radouane Jaber (Bordeaux), the artist David Hèbert (Bordeaux) with his works between abstractionism and neoclassicism, and the artist J.D. Doria (Tel Aviv) who mixes in his works the cinematographic background with the integration of photography in painting.

We have hosted musicians such as the Japanese multi-instrumentalist Kenta Kamiyama of the Stochastic Resonance label, the talented street artist and Loop Station devotee now well-known Australian musician Dub Fx, blues groups such as Riverweed and artists such as Phill Reynolds ranging from American folk to punk, Italian singer-songwriters and bands, experimental live performances by artists from the electronic and techno scene such as Distorted Portrait, Sunday Bath, Ida Mandato and Curved Grooves, keeping musical variety an essential priority.




We believe in shared culture, folk wisdom and the strength of the neighborhood.

We believe in an idea of art that brings individuals closer to things and people, that opens a debate and triggers a reflection on the contemporary, the problems, the victories and compromises of culture.

We want Fax Factory to be the beginning of a discourse on making art, instantaneous, direct and personal. About the role of the real and the imaginary, the analog and the digital, including the world of design, communication, music, technology and innovation.

We believe in the power of individuals to influence the culture they live in, in the possibility of creating an inclusive and open space that assimilates all that is inspiring and positive and declares it valid for consideration.

Binarycoded artworks
Nailed - Flavia Grazioli's illustrations
Nailed #03 - Marianna Coppo
Reversed Dialogue - Flavio Orlando
Yesterday and tomorrow - Reading by Marco Amoroso
Flavio Rappolli Exhibition
Marcello Assini Exhibition