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The Takeawaygallery was born at the end of 2009 by photographer Stefano Esposito, based in Via della Reginella in Rome. The mission is to valorize and promote contemporary art through exhibitions beyond the usual circuit of Art, both young and old creative Italian talents turning every project into growth for the whole community.

Takeawaygallery has more than thirty exhibitions in different spaces, both institutional and non-institutional; has produced two art films, collaborating on the promotion of a solo show "Solo Anna" at Howtan Space, and designed events between and music Among them, to be noted: "Fata Morgana" by Alberto Timossi, Lake Col d'Olen, Gressoney-La-Trinité; "The Magnificent Seven and Punk Aristocracy" by Massimo Scognamiglio, 2016/17, TAG, Rome; "System" of Lulù Nuti, December 2015 - February 2016, Roman Houses of Celio, Rome; the presentation of space and galleries operating outside the Lazio territory near LeArtigiane a Rome;"Illusion" by Alberto Timossi, Cave Michelangelo, Carrara, 2015/18 (catalog presentation in May 2016); "The Eighth Day" by Marco Milia, Octagonal Lecture Lecture Gentileschi, Marble Weeks 2015, Carrara (MS); "Lightness" by Francesco Fei, documentary film production with the patronage of the Tuscany Region and the Municipality of Carrara, presented at: Fuori-Expo Tuscany Region, Milan, Human Cloisters / Michelangiolesca 2015, Florence, San Lorenzo / 50 Days 2015 and Dell Screen 'Art Film Festival, Florence, Spazio Alfieri; "Latinorum" by Giancarlo Neri, at the Roman Houses of Celio, November 2014 - March 2015; "In aĕre in aquis by Marco Milia", Case Romane del Celio, Rome, December 2013-February 2014; "The truth is naked" Onepieceart, Rome, February - April 2012; "I Love Music", Room26, Rome November 2010 - May 2011; curated, organized and coordinated with Salvatore Savoca, the Opera Unica gallery from January 2010 to July 2013; the various collaboration the Art appetizer whit Umberto Scrocca at Piazza Farnese; and the first collective "24x24" in 2010, the staff "Domenico Ventura da Altamura" April 2013, and other musical events at Studio Abate in Rome.T


Fata Morgana dentro l' Antropocene, di Alberto Timossi 2017
The Magnificent Seven e Punk Aristocracy, 2016/2017
Illusione di Alberto Timossi, 2015/2022
NOSTOS di Vito Bongiorno, 2019 (permanente)
Vuoti di Memoria di Ugo Spagnuolo, 2018 (Permanente)
Case Romane del Celio, Marco Milia, Giancarlo Neri, Lulù Nuti  2013/2016
HORUS di Mauro Magni, 2021 (permanente)
24 x 24, 24 artisti per 24 giorni  2010

Events at Rome Art Week

27 Oct 2022 | 18:30-23:00
INCONTRI Fez-Al Bali di Paolo Cencioni
Mostra di 20 foto B/N scattate in Marocco, a cura di Barbara Martusciello
Free admission
Piazza degli Zingari 3 - Roma
21 Oct 2019 | 19:00
Marco Bucchieri - Solo Show
Fotografica FotograficaMONTI 2019 - Rassegna di fotografia
Free admission
Piazza degli Zingari - Roma
22 Oct 2019 | 19:00
Palcoscenico di Paolo Cencioni
Palcoscenico di Paolo Cencioni Mostra fotografica
Free admission
Le Tartarughe Eat & Drink
Piazza Mattei 7/8 - Roma
22 Oct 2018 | 15:00
Vuoti di Memoria di Ugo Spagnuolo
Allestimento di un murale di oltre 400 mq
Free admission
MetroA Porta Furba Quadraro
Via Tuscolana Quadraro - Roma
25 Oct 2018 | 19:00
STAMIRA: da un Workshop di Letizia Battaglia
Collettiva di Fotografia
Free admission
Le Tartarughe Eat & Drink
Piazza Mattei 7/8 Roma - Roma