Morsi d'Arte

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The aim of the association is to promote artistic and cultural activities: to urge the cultural participation of the community, to safeguard and promote the figurative arts, to contaminate it with other types of art (literature, music, theater, dance). At the heart of the activities of the association are also the research and promotion of art, the creation of contemporary art, the training and the cultural updating in the fields of arts and restoration, the study of classical arts, the creation of educational workshops. Contest competitions and curriculum courses for graphic and visual arts, and collaborations with other organizations and associations are being promoted.
The association is also proposed as a structure of services for organizing cultural events and demonstrations for organizations, associations, centers, schools and private art lovers.



Presidente / Art Director: Alberto Severino 

Vice Presidente / Art Ambassador: Anna Sanna

Galleryst / Critico d' Arte: Ilaria Giacobbi