Galleria del Cembalo

The Galleria del Cembalo is an art exhibition space open since May 2013 in Palazzo Borghese unpon initiative of Paola Stacchini Cavazza. Central focus of the activity of the gallery, conducted in collaboration with Mario Peliti,  is fine art photography and its relationship with other forms of artistic expressions. 

Situated in the side of the Palace closer to the Tiber river,  returns to the hosting Halls the original vocation of art space: infact the same halls used to host the Borghese collection in the XVIII° century. The rigorous and coherent exhibition program developed by the gallery in the recent years made it become a benchmark for art collectors and lovers of photography. 

Passaggi, curated by Giovanna Calvenzi in 2013, was the first proposed exhibition.  Le artworks shown suggested the dialogue between three generations of photographers: Ugo Mulas, Mario Cresci, Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Antonio Biasiucci, Paolo Pellegrin, Luca Campigotto, Paolo Ventura, Francesco Radino, Silvia Camporesi, Alice Pavesi, Moira Ricci. The discontiuity and the need of changing of the expression code were explored, following the personal vision of each author.

The recent proposal can be appreciated for its plural character, having several exhibition visible at a time, as well as for the presence of young authors and masters.

Some name of the artists shown in the gallery: Paolo Gioli, Paolo Ventura, Antonio Biasiucci, Mario Cresci, Malick Sidibè, Paolo Pellegrin, Alain Fleischer, Stefano Cerio, while the photographers represented exclusively in Italy are Charles Freger, Danila Tkachenko, Alessandro Imbriaco, Gilbert Garcin.

The gallery participated to BolognaArteFiera 2016, Artissima 2016, PhotoLondon 2017, Artissima 2017 and will be at PhotoLondon2018.


24 Oct 2019
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