Borghini Arte Contemporanea artisticonlaluce

Borghini Arte Contemporanea gallery aims to explore nowadays how the light has always been the main character in the history of art in all the creation’s stages: from the artist’s inspiration to the moment when the observer can enjoy the artwork. The past exhibitions showed the changing of international artists and young proposals, since the goal of the gallery is not only to celebrate the great world-famous artists, but also to support the new up-and-coming minds.

08-31 Oct 2020
Lucean | Marco Angelini - Piotr Hanzelewicz
Ancora una volta Borghini Arte propone il connubio tra arte e scienza.
Free admission
Vernissage Thursday 08 Oct 2020 | 19:00
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Borghini Arte Contemporanea artisticonlaluce
Via Belsiana, 92 - Roma
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