MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea

MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea is located in Via di Monserrato 30, near Piazza Farnese and Campo dei Fiori. This venue as been active since December 2013.

It was founded by Daina Maja Titonel- the daughter of art historian Lela Djokic and painter Angelo Titonel- who cares for the exhibition program, focusing mainly on paintings, as well as sculpture and photography, dealing with both the latest generation artists and Italian masters such as Roberto Bossaglia, Baldo Diodato, Margareth Dorigatti, Isabella Ducrot and Angelo Titonel.

Since 2006 she has organized numerous personal shows in a private space by appointments - including those of Andrea Calabresi, Margareth Dorigatti, Isabella Ducrot, Ana Kapor and Angelo Titonel - in parallel with a long training experience alongside Lela Djokic in her Campo dei Fiori gallery specializing in Italian art on horseback between the eighth and early twentieth centuries. The constant contact with works by these masters, from Giulio Aristide Sartorio to Giacomo Balla, from Armando Spadini to Camillo Innocenti and Arturo Noci, has refined her critical eye over the years, now seeking the same quality in contemporary artistic expressions.

Milano Scultura Step Art Fair - VI Edition. Artorws by Janine von Thungen
Gaetano Zampogna.
Angelo Titonel (2014)
Balkan Party (2017)
Pierre-Yves Le Duc,
Georgina Spengler.

03 Oct-09 Nov 2019
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