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Who is Dom Barra?DOM BARRA DIRTY NEW MEDIA artist///////////////////////////////////////////////____EXPLORER [Domenico Barra is an Italian artist exponent of the artistic movement known asDirty New Media. He works with different digital media approaching with critical and tactical spiritboth the tools and the different cultures conditioned by the use of computers and other devicesconnected online producing numerous works "at the speed of the internet".] DOM B̶͆̉̾͊ͭ͂̚͡A̷̍͐̽͆͘҉̴͠R̶̡̡ͦ̾͌ͧͣͣͪ̔̀́̿̕͘R̈ͨͤͮͯͩͩ̋҉́͘҉͢Â̡̌ͮ́͂̉͑͝ approached and started his practice in the field of visual art during his 7 years of life in England, Great Britain, also studying at the Leeds College of Art and Design for one year. His creative production interests a wide use of techniques such as installation, digital images, mixed media paintings, web pages, stickers with a choice/feeling of/for subjects concerning socio-political reality happening/issues, to works with a more introspective/fantastic representation/approach.The perpetuating creative dialectic of D. B̶͆̉̾͊ͭ͂̚͡A̷̍͐̽͆͘҉̴͠R̶̡̡ͦ̾͌ͧͣͣͪ̔̀́̿̕͘R̈ͨͤͮͯͩͩ̋҉́͘҉͢Â̡̌ͮ́͂̉͑͝ results in a constant research for innovative artistic results in matters of subjects and the ways that they can be depicted/approached/narrated/discussed. Lately his main focus is glitch art with a strong dedication in studying/researching/experimenting with all sorts of pleasing/disturbing noisey visual artifacts, from still images to video, gifs and sounds using techniques such as databending, datamoshing and pixelsorting.His worsks are featured on various magazines, website and blogs such as Revolutionart Magazine, Players, The Villager Newspaper, Time Out New York, Interartive, Thvndermag, gl1tchf4c3, YouBizarre, 15Folds, I am curating, M0N3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US, Electric Objects, The Multiple Exposure Project, Animal New York, Nerve, Darlin, MashKulture, DailyBest, Detailverliebt, Net-Art, IndieNudes, Daddy Issues, The Creators Project, Hyperallergic, ArtFCity, Digicult, Motherboard, Bullett Magazine and d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWW_M3DI∆ which he also co-curate with Jon Cates + Shawné Michaelain Holloway. Barra has collaborated with New Hive for the project “Major Tendons” curated by Molly Soda. For this project the artist created a powerful gifwall installation as the visual art to match the music track “Remembrance” by american producer Suicideyear.

B̶͆̉̾͊ͭ͂̚͡A̷̍͐̽͆͘҉̴͠R̶̡̡ͦ̾͌ͧͣͣͪ̔̀́̿̕͘R̈ͨͤͮͯͩͩ̋҉́͘҉͢Â̡̌ͮ́͂̉͑͝ has collaborated on few exhibitions such as “The Decelerator” curated by Leo Kuelbs and “Tactical Glitches” curated by Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz, the first group exhibition about glitch art in Italy. The artist has also collaborated to “The Wrong” – New Digital Art Biennale”.Together with k4ust S0da (Luigi Console) is the creator/curator/artist of the project “Mighty Kongbot”. He was the curator and promoter, together with the staff of the record label “Subcava Sonora”, of the first copyleft festival of the city of Napoli, Italy.Dom was a visiting artist at SAIC (School of Art Institute Chicago) in Chicago in April 2016 for RE:MESH.WWWERK/s series curated by jonCates!Dom B̶͆̉̾͊ͭ͂̚͡A̷̍͐̽͆͘҉̴͠R̶̡̡ͦ̾͌ͧͣͣͪ̔̀́̿̕͘R̈ͨͤͮͯͩͩ̋҉́͘҉͢Â̡̌ͮ́͂̉͑͝ with Luigi Console ( MIGHTY KONGBOT ) are featured in the 3D Additivist Cookbook curated by Morehshin Allahyhari and Daniel Rourke with the project “The Anti-Anthropocaliptic Set” to survive the Anthropocalypse. See page 345 of

Dom is a fetured artist in the Hard Disk Museum curated by Soliman Lopez

Dom has exhibited his works internationally in many different venues around the world and online such as:Selected Exhibitions : 2006 - Leeds College of Art and Design, Leeds, England, UK (Group Exhibition)2012 - “RE/Mixed Media Festival 2012 - 3rd edition” - presentation of the project “Biutifool Beastard vs The Great Masters of History of Art” - Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. - curated by Tom Tenney2013/14: The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale - The Homeostasis Lab – project presented “RAN/dom RMX”2014: RE/Mixed Media Festival 4 - New York (USA) - presentation of the project “I vs I Rmx”. Festival curator Tom Tenney 2014: Cloud Makers and Open Tech: An Open Exhibition - Vancouver (Canada) - project presented “teleVISIONE”, video project developed with Luigi Console. Exhibition curated by Erik H Zepka2014: Pornceptual Does SomoS at SomoS Gallery in Berlin part of the Erotic Art Week in conjunction of the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Exhibition curated by Pornceptual2015: /‘fu:bar/ glitch art expo @ Siva Galerija, AKC (Zagreb, Croatia) as Mighty Kongbot with Luigi Console. 2015: Autotune MegaGIF Compilation 2015 online and at Ateliers Quatre Pourcent, Nancy (France), curated by GIFMATTERS2015: .GIF Interactive Arts Festival at Rainbow Connection/Red Gate in Vancouver (Canada) by Gillian Zillion (participation to this exhibition as Mighty Kongbot with Luigi Console)2015: :60 LEAP SECOND FESTIVAL 2015 in Norway curated by Bjørn Magnhildøen2015: .GIF ARTS FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES (US) curated by Gillian Zillion (participation to this exhibition as Mighty Kongbot with Luigi Console)2015: PORN TO PIZZA – Domestic Clichés - Exhibiiton at DAM Gallery, Berlin. Curated by Tina Sauerlaender2015: VIEWS curated by Leo Kuelbs (Leo Kuelbs Collection) - New York Media Center - Manhattan Bridge - (participation to this exhibition as Mighty Kongbot with Luigi Console)2015: International Festival of CAMOUFLAGED Art : A project of collective creation, initiated in Manizales, Colombia, by: Sarah Gonzalez, Sebastian Rivera & SinQuenza Cornelius Quenza. Maastricht edition by Virginie Moerenhout. Maastricht (Netherlands)2015: “(In)exactitude in Science” pavilion curated by Kamilia Kard and Filippo Lorenzin for the The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale2015: Pixxelpoint 2015: OBJECT – 16th International Media Art Festival, Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizia (Italy), 27 Nov – 4 Dec 20152015: Transnumeriques Awards - special Gif + GifWall Haydiroket @ Digital Art Festival Taipei / 台北數位藝術中心 Digital Art Center, Taipei2015: Form and Substance Miami: A Projection, Lighting, and Mapping Exhibition - curated by Leo Kuelbs - InterContinental Miami (Miami Art Week) - Miami (USA) (participation to this exhibition as Mighty Kongbot with Luigi Console)2016 : “Bring your own B” by BrowserBased @ Flatstation in Amsterdam (Holland)2016 : “(in)Exactitude in Science”, The Wrong Biennale Pavilion, Galerie Charlot, Paris (France), curated by Kamilia Kard and Filippo Lorenzin.2016: “Nargifsus”, Transfer Gallery (Brooklyn, New York, USA), curated by Carla Gannis and Tina Sauerländer2016: “Log in”, Darb 1718 (Cairo, Egypt) (participation to this exhibition as Mighty Kongbot with Luigi Console)2016: free_art_-_source : [24.-26.4. 2016] : a code-themed meta-exhibition, Osijek.Croatia, curated by Dina Karadzic & Vedran Gligo2016: r4w.EɌ̶Ɍ̶.b1t5! (A) RE:uɹnʇ TO: d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWWM3DI∆ #Chicago (US) / jonCates (curator/organizer) && Jon Satrom (curator/organizer)2016: DADACLUB ONLINE curated by Link Art Centre (Online - “Pivilion test run#2 : ~ interpretations ~” curated by Dina Karadzic & Vedran Gligo2016: curated by Matthew Britton & Brett O'Connor (online)2016: Pivilion: ~ co-op ~ “25th Slavonian Biennale, Borders of visibility” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek (Cro) curated by Dina Karadzic & Vedran Gligo2016/17: Leap Second Festival curated by Bjørn Magnhildøen, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Radovan Misovic2017 : free_art_-_source - Galerija Galženica (Croatia) - curated by Dina Karadzic2017 : ϟℙ∀ℳℳ_POWER - Online and around the world - curated by Systaime and Ellectra Radikal (online - : ERRORE DIGITALE (Glitch Art Expo) - MONK (Roma, Italy) - curated by Manifesto delle Visioni Parallele2017 : Dadaclub (The exhibition) - Spazio Contemporanea (Brescia, Italy) - curated by Fabio Paris & Domenico Quaranta (Link Art Center)2017 : Mermaids & Unicorns - ONLINE EXHIBITION Curated by: Carlotta Meyer, Benoit Palop and Tina Sauerländer (Exhibition design by: Emilie Gervais) : #NEWWWORLDISORDER curated by Systaime and Randall Packer (online - Facebook live streaming - : SPAMM POWER in Chicago hosted by Jon Satrom > at Defibrillator Gallery’s [tiny garage] SPAMM POWER curated by: Ellectra Radikal & Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime Always on: : in Paris at Galerie Charlot curated by Fabio Paris and Link Art Center

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Email: domenicobarra.db@protonmail.comWebsite/Blog - alternatively ( Twitter: @domibarraInstagram: @ddbarraVimeo: http://giphy.come/channel/dmnc_rmxSlideShare:> >MIGHTY KONGBOTMighty_Kongb0t: www.mightykongbot.comMighty_Kongb0t’s blog: http://mightykongbot.tumblr.comMighty_Kongb0t’s Giphy:’s Vimeo:> d1Ɍ+y̶̶N̶3WWW_M3DI∆(NSFW)Ø Press :───█──▄─▄───▐▌▌░░░░░▌▌───█──▄─▄───▐▌▌░░░░░▌▌───█──▄─▄───▐▌▌░░░░░▌▌▌▄█▐▌▐█▐▐▌█▌█▌█░░░░░▌▌───█──▄─▄───▐▌▌░░░░░▌▌▌▄█▐▌▐█▐▐▌█▌█▌█░░░░░▌

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