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Stroll through the news and wonders of the center of Rome.

I called this route "Der Core" because it touches the different realities between galleries, artists, historical buildings and monuments and will surely leave an indelible memory in each of the participants.

The tour, scheduled to last about four hours, starts from the gallery "Bat - Gallery", located in front of the "National Film Library" with its Roman Villa of the second century AD and then continue to the historic "Accademia di San Luca".

After the visit we will continue towards Palazzo Poli, seat of the National Institute of Chalcography and Graphics.

Then we will visit the "28 Piazza di Pietra Gallery" in the basement of which we will find the remains of a part of the Temple of Hadrian.

Then we will go to the fantastic and beautiful Borromini Terrace from which the view of Rome is a real enchantment.

Then we will arrive at the historic "Lombardi Gallery", full of precious works ideal for real collectors, then we will start to visit the "Emmeotto Gallery" located in the beautiful courtyard of Palazzo Taverna.

And finally we will visit a noble palace whose name will remain a final surprise.

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Main places visited

28 Piazza di Pietra - Fine Art Gallery
Piazza di Pietra, 28 - Roma
Accademia Nazionale di San Luca
Piazza Accademia di San Luca, 77 - Roma
Bat-Gallery / Studio Milani
Vicolo del Puttarello, 31 ( Fontana di Trevi ) - Roma
Galleria Emmeotto Arte
Via di Monte Giordano,36 - Roma
Galleria Lombardi
Via di Monte Giordano, 40 - roma
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