Charity sale to support GSI Italy project for Ethiopia

A charity sale of artworks donated by artists will be held at the gallery on April 21 to support the MuccArt program launched by GSI Italy.

This program aims to save 300 families in Ethiopia by purchasing a cow for each of them.

By purchasing and donating a work of art, Italian collectors and artists sensitive to issues of poverty and international solidarity will be able to contribute to this noble cause.

GSI Italia will provide each donor with evidence of the delivery of the cow, purchased through the auction of works provided by participating artists and collectors.

In Ethiopia, a cow can literally save the life of an entire family, and art can help achieve this goal.

So we would like to extend an invitation to all artists who wish to join this cause to donate a work of art for the MuccArt charity sale.

There is no doubt that your contribution would make a big difference and would be greatly appreciated.

In a few days we will publish more information on how to donate an artwork for this important initiative.