Strike Marco Tamburro

Strike Marco Tamburro

On the occasion of the Gemelli exhibition at the MAXXI in Rome, Maison Bosi presents Strike, a solo exhibition by the artist Marco Tamburro, protagonist of both locations.
The exhibition will open to the public on Saturday 28 October from 6.30 pm at the exhibition space in via Margutta 29, and will end on 2 December 2023.

"Strike" – a name both the title of the exhibition and of one of the works of the eclectic artist Marco Tamburro – marks the starting point of a fascinating journey.

With the same precision as an archer aiming at his target, Tamburro launches himself towards the goal, allowing his imagination and reflection to take shape through a unique blend of abstraction and graphics: it is a true artistic "strike".

This exhibition invites us to immerse ourselves in a world of common emotions, the ones we all know when our desires materialize in victories. It is a playful experience, an intriguing theme that permeates the works exhibited in Maison Bosi, each of which has a different interpretation and a unique interpretation.

Behind each of these creations lie modern, dynamic mechanisms that capture the energy of cities and the constant passage of time. The quick, sharp lines that emerge from his works capture the frenzy of the moment and the playful expression of life. This exhibition is a journey into a world where speed and fun, but also social issues, come together in an explosion of emotions and creativity.

The artist is in the sights of collectors, attracting the attention of galleries and public institutions: Venice Biennale, Macro in Rome, Palazzo Medici in Florence, Castel dell'Ovo in Naples. He also exhibits in Miami, New York, Sao Paulo, London and China.
Artists and critics have spoken about him: Luca Beatrice, Renato Civello, Ennio Calabria, and many others who defined him as "a punctual representation that cancels identities, substantiating the contemporary age of alienating depersonalizations in favor of metallic urban fabrics."

Marco Tamburro captures the moment and at the same time unleashes art.


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