Impact matter

Solo show by Alberto Timossi

Peso leggero 2023, PVC smalto e pietra, cm 73x32x40

Peso leggero 2023, PVC smalto e pietra, cm 73x32x40

Continuing his personal research on the impact of anthropization on the environment, in his sculptures Timossi experiments with the transformative qualities of a plastic material such as PVC, while at the same time enhancing the formal qualities of the natural material - wood and stone, marble and ceramic. As Ilaria Monti illustrates in the exhibition presentation text, Alberto Timossi's sculpture originates from the landscape, from river stone to Roman cobblestones, from fragments and blocks of marble from the Carrara quarries, from trees, from earth and clay, for then resolve itself in the encounter with an industrial dimension. Timossi not only traces a morphology of natural and anthropic environments, but ultimately creates a score, a system of weights and counterweights, of material and chromatic counterpoints. In the works from the series Pagine, Peso Leggero and Contraccoltura, floor and wall, the artist creates a game of simulated and real shapes, of chiaroscuro and different surfaces, suggesting precarious and contaminated landscapes, tests of resistance and strength of nature

Credits Monica Antonietti