Echi e Riflessi. Exbithion Enrica Capone

Echi e Riflessi. Exhibition Enrica Capone

Echi e Riflessi. Exhibition Enrica Capone

Enrica Capone, artist, architect, born in Salerno and living in Rome is a happy discovery that showed us an artist full of resources and purpose, always evolving like her artistic path. Irrepressible, warm, complete, full of echoes and reflections in life and work. A breath of fresh air and passion for Art. New ideas, creative projects, and a lot of philosophy that can be made beautiful and understandable to all with just a wave of the arm.

Conveying with figures was surely man's first step toward exchange and understanding with others, and today, despite an unimaginable evolution of human contacts, in order to speak fully of our deepest thoughts we return to making them simply "signs and colors." A discovery that artists, true chroniclers of the life of the world, have long been successfully riding without wasting time, without dark sides, without inflections, without falsehoods, without reticence.

A master of this, Enrica Capone pushes toward the elaboration of the most unexpected materials, treated and used on sturdy and available burlap canvases. Often with a dark background, extremely receptive to relaunch images and suggestions. Enrica is familiar with his skills and reflections. The correspondence with the works therefore is total so that it was easy for us to enter her world that includes and translates into visual and tactile expressions all the material elements of which our land is composed and that we find, somehow and however, in her pictorial conversations of unforgettable emotional impact.

Elements that are pulverized such as sands, brasses, gold, silver, quartz slurries, glass deserts, copper foils, threads warped in the canvas, and finally lead, his great love of all time, which is treated with the attention of a mother who loves her little one and waits for him to grow up to give him even more. Caressed, illuminated, finally left to air and water to bring out its great stories over time. Preservation and aging are reserved for a lead reduced into layers that stretch across the bottom of the canvas to give contrast and texture to all the other parts of the composition where then light reigns, alternating with echoes and reflections, suggestions and silences.

Skies, water and stones, shadows and light. It is the earth or the moon or a similar world the reality of everything on which the history, philosophy and life of man insists. A horizon, a skyline and a concatenation of words and thoughts implied in his painting, as in his smile, is always there. A space where one can stretch the gaze that never finds a boundary, an obstacle a brake. Everything deepens because everything is bottomless. An emptiness that must be filled infinitely as a solution is always there. Time exists so that everything else can exist. A truth that Capone articulates with the depths of a distant light that is granted to man, but only to the intelligent man who knows and wants to understand all that awaits him, with confidence, without standing still and waiting.

Flaws, limitations, obstacles become elements of strength to struggle with greater hope, with alternative certainties. Capone does not stop and wants man to do the same for his future history by finding in himself the strength, the stimulus and the solutions to do so. Enrica sculpts on her canvases with the idea of building. The architect in her, more than the stroke, loves the superimposition of stone on stone, the alternation of plaster, clays, glues,
cracks and passages, seeps and depths. On historical memory insists the planning of a future. Capone does not stop because down there, deep down, something is still waiting for the man who is on the march.

Restless and encouraging, he never left me alone. In the words and in the glances was her next work that I already glimpsed in that glass of Coca Cola where the ice and lemon re-enacted "Sky of Lead"; a yellow sun among the shadowy mountains, where waiting, active and impatient, is a sure help for tomorrow's life.

Francesco Zero