Warhol - Serial Obsession

On display 16 original works by Andy Warhol

La Galleria delle Arti in Rome from Oct. 5 to Dec. 23, 2023 is dedicating an exhibition to "Warhol - Serial obsession": a tribute to the most famous of Andy Warhol's works, the face of Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous icons of American cinema. On display will be the 10 silkscreens printed by Sunday B. Morning in 1985, stamped and signed by the artist. Accompanying the suite of Marilyn will be displayed 2 of the 4 portraits of 'Ludwig Van Beethoven' and 4 of the 10 'Flowers,' silkscreens signed on the back, depicting four white flowers, symbols of whiteness, vulnerability and memento mori. The exhibition is under the patronage of Roma Capitale - Assessorato alla Cultura.