Filippo Gregoretti's Open Studio

LPM Festival 2021

LPM Festival 2021

Preview: EXNATURA24

Based on Amrita, an Artificial Intelligence or "Artificial Artistic Personality"  an essential element of Filippo Gregoretti's work, this journey into impermanence resonates with the breathing of the earth as a whole. Introducing a preview of the EXNATURA24 project, that will be exhibited in London in 2024.

Based on Amrita, the artificial intelligence or "Artificial Artistic Personality" developed by Filippo Gregoretti, EXNATURA is a living work of art. Each time EXNATURA is invoked, a new, distinct personality emerges that is unpredictable and capable of producing music and visuals that are impacted by geothermal data that is continuously gathered from various locations on Earth.

17.30 - Apertura, aperitivo
18.30 - Dialogo con Maria Novella De Luca.
19.30 - Performance
20.00 - Rinfresco

"Prāṇa" and "Sadyaḥ"
Exhibition of physical works of art produced in a spiritual connection between human and artificial.

Talk: “A novel approach to creation: shaping artificial emotions and sensitivities.”
In conversation with Maria Novella De Luca, Filippo Gregoretti talks through his artistic research: a shift from Artificial Intelligence to an Artificial Artistic Personality.
The artwork is not created by the AI, but the artwork itself is an AI, evolved into an artistic, sentient, emotional, creative personality that develops over time reaching new awareness and unpredictable artistic horizons.

Performance: “EXNATURA - Principes creaturae”
EXNATURA is brought to life through an instance of Amrita, and evolves into a new, yet unpredictable personality. The Opera artistically expresses itself by generating a seamless flow of Visual and Music. By means of a subsidiary display, the Opera communicates with the human Performer, by suggesting scales, harmony and the emotions to be accompanied by the Harmonium: an ancient and sacred instrument.

The Opera advances on its artistic and emotional journey being influenced by real-time geothermal data collected in different corners of the Earth as well as by the music performed by Filippo Gregoretti on the Harmonium.

EXNATURA is breathing along with the world and merges with humanity in a shared experience of creation between Man and Machine.

A creative research gesture that seeks to establish a connection to impermanence and to shift one's view of Artificial Intelligence from an obscure and dystopian presence to one that is an instrument of illumination and inner transformation.

Filippo Gregoretti
is a visual and conceptual artist, musician (pianist and composer), performer, university professor of transmedia design and digital experiences, pioneer of the integration of art, music, and technology, developer of advanced algorithms, and author of video games and immersive experiences.

Maria Novella De Luca is a journalist at La Repubblica, focusing on social issues, rights, gender violence, gender gap, feminism and bioethics.

Nel Blu Studios, a Via Montello 2, in Prati, close to Piazza Mazzini.

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