The Color of the Gods

Margherita Lipinska combines Myth and Picasso in her art, uniting the timeless w

Terrazza Navona view

Terrazza Navona view

Margherita Lipinska, in celebration of the Rome Art Week 2023, presents a preview of her unpublished works that beautifully blend her primary fascinations.

For the discerning eye of the viewer, alongside the classical icons that characterize the artist's work, one can discern references to the Spanish genius, Pablo Picasso. Margherita ingeniously combines her two greatest seductions into a single artwork: Myth and Picasso.

In Picasso's works, heroes, gods, and demigods from Greek and Roman mythology immediately offer us a fresh perspective on history. Margherita shares her own vision with us, showcasing the classical and the modern in her unique interpretation. The result is a new piece of art each time, one that helps us instantly grasp the depth of her artistic exploration, shedding light on the most hidden meanings.

The icons of classical deities merge with the icons of Picasso's art, compelling us to reflect on what these images, by their expressive power and significance, are capable of communicating throughout all times, reminding us that some images remain immortal in their message.