Voices from the Wells

Solo exhibition of Mirco Denicolò

Courtesy of the Gallery

Courtesy of the Gallery

Mirco Denicolò's exhibition 'Le Voci dei Pozzi' (Voices from the Wells), which will be presented during Roma Art Week in the BACC Gallery, is a multimedia composition of Visual Poetry, Ceramic Narrative, and perhaps both.

The work is a dreamlike journey, capable of evoking wonders and disturbances from deep within. A poem to which the author gives form and dimension, first in the visual rhythm of his images on paper, then by making their own ceramic three-dimensionality. The regular shapes of the terracotta tiles, modelled, coloured, drawn and then photographed, are recomposed with the collage technique to give life to the multimedia illustration, which closes a complex and multidisciplinary figurative short-circuit.

Interweaving Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities" with Giorgio Manganelli's stories, especially in that "Does Ascoli Piceno exist?", the author tells us a personal story. A new fire-eater, Mirco Denicolò places his 'The Voices from the Wells' on the shelves of the Soul, to propose them at the next performance.


Mirco Denicolò

Graduated in 1981 from the State Institute of Art in Pesaro and in 1983 from the State Institute of Art in Faenza, he worked as a researcher in the ceramics industry until 2003. In 1987 he began exhibiting, since 1999 he has been a lecturer at the ISIA in Faenza and since 2008 he has been teaching drawing at the Tommaso Minardi Municipal School of Drawing in Faenza.
His most recent international participations include: in 2022 1st International Biennial In Bianco. Porcelain in the italian contemporary ceramic art, curated by Matteo Zauli and Xiuzhong Zang at the Ceramic Art Avenue Art Museum in Jingdezhen (China); in 2018 Exposition de céramique contemporaine d'Italie in Ardenne (Belgium) and selection as Italy's representative at the European Ceramic Context 2018 - Danish Prize; in 2017 In the Earth Time, as part of the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (Korea). His works are present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad and exhibited at the Terre Rare Gallery in Bologna and Gulli Gallery in Savona.