La Casa di Tela promotes an interactive exhibition in Piazza dei Satiri 48/49


PLACE: Piazza dei Satiri 48/49, 00186 Roma 

DATES: friday 27th  october from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm, saturday 28th october from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm 

On occasion of Rome Art Week 2023, the exhibition space La Casa di Tela presents SuperMappadiRoma, an artistic project developed between the structure's indoor spaces and a selection of places in the heart of Rome, dedicated to the promotion of the city’s public interaction with contemporary art. 

The project develops in two phases: an interactive part through the intervention of the public in the streets, and an exhibitionary part in the gallery of Piazza dei Satiri 48, in the exceptional days of 27 and 28 October 2023. 

For the first phase, during the days preceding the opening, visitors are invited to interact with a series of reproductions of artworks by artist Esteban Villalta Marzi located in specific spots of the historic centre by taking photos with them. In the following phase, during the opening of the exhibition space on 27th and 28th October, it will be possible to print each one’s photos in the gallery itself. Here, exclusively for RAW 2023, the original works of the Superheroes cycle - same as the protagonists on the streets -  will be exhibited. Each visitor will contribute to the creation of a "super map" of Rome by hanging their photos on an installation showing the map of the centre that will be installed in the gallery; a second copy of the photo can be taken by each visitor as a souvenir of the experience.

SuperMappadiRoma, with the extraordinary Superheroes by EVM's and a playful relationship with the public, intends to create contact with the urban fabric of Rome, generating a visual communication with the everyday and ordinary life of the streets. The visitor, as well as the passer-by, is invited to explore a physical and imaginary itinerary suggested by the reproductions of the artist's works installed on some of the city's shop windows, letting oneself be surprised by the presence of these iconic characters in the heart of Rome and their originals in the gallery at Piazza dei Satiri 48. 

The points of interest where visitors can take their own photos with the works are as follows: 

Piazza Navona,102 

Piazza Madama,1 (continuation of Corso Rinascimento, opposite the Senate)

Via Frattina, 108

Via Santa Chiara, 51

Via del Pellegrino, 94

Piazza dei Satiri, 48


The Superheroes that populate the streets of Rome are symbolically welcomed by the spaces of the Obra Pia, a Spanish institution in Italy that, in its work of patronage and redevelopment of its places in the territory, pursues its objectives of cultural and artistic promotion, making use in this case of the contemporary and always topical language of Esteban Villalta Marzi. 

Also on the occasion of Rome Art Week 2023, at the entrance hall of Via Santa Chiara 57, it will be possible to see a preview of the artistic intervention by architect Alessandro Narduzzi, a fresco entitled Il Retro dell'Arte

Exceptionally, on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October, the Casa di Tela, the artist's total painting intervention commissioned by Obra Pia and inaugurated in 2021 in Piazza dei Satiri 49, will also be open to the public, for an immersive experience in its new pop and already iconic corners.


Project by Dosintres Cultura

Tel: 0039 333 405 17 09

Artistic Direction: Patricia Pascual Pérez Zamora

Production and co-curatorship: Silvia Carletti | Dosintres Cultura

Sponsor: Obra Pia



Curators not present in this edition