Solo exhibition Pierluigi Casagrande "Foresta Emozionale"

A cura di Eleonora Pallotta



From 14 to 25 October 2023 Medina Art Gallery presents "Emotional Forest", a solo exhibition by Pierluigi Casagrande curated by Eleonora Pallotta in the gallery in Via Merulana 220 in Rome.

The opening event will be held on Saturday 14 October at 6pm in via Merulana 220 with a presentation by the curator.

At 58 years old, Pierluigi Casagrande began painting, experimenting with new materials such as wooden sticks and cardboard tubes. His choice to use surfaces other than canvas challenges artistic conventions and transforms the traditional way of creating and appreciating art. Through an original approach, the artist revolutionizes the process of artistic creation and fruition. The cardboard tubes become the means to evoke travel, childhood memories, nature, spirituality and human suffering, as well as bringing out details often overlooked in known works of art. The artist focuses on a fragmented vision, in which each figure is perceived uniquely and subsequently rediscovered as part of a whole that acquires meaning only through the interpretation of the work.

The tubes, which give life to the artist's works, initially arouse a feeling of confusion in the viewer, offering a fragmentary rather than complete vision. This first sensation of loss of meaning is essential to immerse yourself in the original understanding and interpretation of the work.

Each "tubal" painting tells a different story, often reinterpreting works by other historicized artists on a new support. Each already known work takes on a different meaning, arousing new feelings that the public can relate to.

Pierluigi's desire is to touch the soul of the spectator, provoking emotions regardless of their positive or negative nature. His paintings appear like tree trunks that contain the roots of engaging emotions, enveloping the viewer in an emotional forest. His atypical technique allows him to arouse different emotions and feelings with each observation, offering the possibility of getting lost and finding himself in a vortex of meaning that materializes through the work.