Guided tour Oct 28

Guided tour on François Ghebaly show

Em Rooney | Wild Music, False Phrases, 2020

Em Rooney | Wild Music, False Phrases, 2020

On the occasion of the Rome Art Week, on October 28th at 12:30pm the Rhinoceros Gallery offers a free guided tour of the François Ghebaly exhibition. Free entry, booking is recommended.

François Ghebaly is proud to announce the opening of a new temporary exhibition space in the Eternal City, the gallery’s first expansion outside of the United States since its founding in 2009. The debut exhibition brings together a cross section of gallery artists, with Neïl Beloufa, Max Hooper Schneider, Em Rooney, and Ludovic Nkoth. This first show presents an heterogenous artist roster exemplifying the innovative program of Los Angeles-based and international artists. With a history of identifying and championing diverse voices and emerging talent, the gallery’s roster has grown to include 15 artists and 2 artist estates, demonstrating a commitment to challenging work across all media and to fostering the progressive practices of its artists.

The artists’ practice encapsulates different approaches to various mediums. Em Rooney takes poetic approaches to the cycles of birth and death, marking the passage of time and the fleetingness of life in her work. Neïl Beloufa utilizes the form of the wall relief sculpture - in dyed fiberboard and false leather - to create surreal, playful scenes where the body and the mind merge. Max Hooper Schneider explores the relationships between philosophy and nature, the personal and the political, destruction and construction, and what he calls nonhuman and human agents. Ludovic Nkoth’s artistic creations capture the essence of the Black experience with an unparalleled emotional depth that resonates with the diasporic life and the rich history of his heritage.

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