Cristiano Quagliozzi's Open Studio

INTRUSO - Canone - Classico - Contemporaneo

INTRUSO - Canone - Classico - Contemporaneo

Canon – Classic – Contemporary

personal exhibition by Cristiano Quagliozzi

edited by Spazio Placebo and Spazio Neropolis aps
Space Placebo, Via Cosimo Bertacchi, 14, 00176 Rome
Inauguration 23 October 2023 from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm

On Monday 23 October, on the occasion of the Rome Art Week, from 4.00 pm, Spazio Placebo, a multifunctional center dedicated to artistic creation, meeting, exchange and dialogue through the promotion of cultural activities, will inaugurate Cristiano Quagliozzi's personal exhibition, Intruso, Canon – Classic – Contemporary, curated by Spazio Placebo and Spazio Neropolis aps, with the technical support of Tanja Mattucci of the Weppart team.
The exhibition will present to the public a selection of works by Cristiano Quagliozzi aimed at reinterpreting ancient art, in which the subject becomes the basis for expressive stimulus and for a reflection that embraces the various areas of culture.
“Emotions, arts, feelings, perceptive stimuli, social relationships and human qualities materialize in myths, identifying with as many roles as there are actors who inhabit the Olympus of the Gods and the world of men. Quagliozzi's painting aims to be a real intrusion, aimed at appropriating the images of the world belonging to the classical era, breaking the canon with the arbitrariness of personal inspiration, through gestural and action painting, which is its constitutive element ”.

Space Placebo, Via Cosimo Bertacchi 14, Rome
The exhibition will be open to visitors from 23 to 28 October from 4pm to 10pm

From 24 October part of the exhibition will be available from 4.00pm to 8.00pm at the space in via delle Spighe 62, Rome

During the days of the exhibition the spaces will come alive with events and artistic workshops

October 23
5.00pm/7.00pm - Talk: “Who is the intruder?”
Moderator: Annamaria Barbato Ricci
Speakers: Marco Stancati, Fabrizio Vona, Pasquale Roberto Vinella, Mauro Marchione

24 - 27 October
10:00/14:00 - “Intrudere” theater workshop conducted by Luigi Morra and Ida A. Vinella (subject to registration*)
4.00pm/10.00pm - Cristiano Quagliozzi's open atelier
NEROPOLIS, Via delle Spighe 62
4.00pm/8.00pm - “Intarsio” video art workshop, by Daniel Falappa

October 25th
7.00pm - Presentation of the book “Geremia Discanno. The painter of Pompeii” by Pasquale Roberto Vinella

October 28th - final event
4.00pm/10.00pm - Video “Intarsio” by Daniel Falappa
8.00pm - Site specific performance resulting from the “Intrudere” theater workshop

*theater workshop registration

INTRUDERE - intensive theater workshop conducted by Luigi Morra and Ida A. Vinella

from 24 to 27 October from 10.00 to 14.00

outcome of aperitif to the public: 28 October at 8.00 pm

The verb intrude refers to something that intends to chase away, to push, that is forcefully introduced into a context, without right. The workshop, open to theater and dance performers, focuses on this theme using instruments and texts that draw on the classic and the contemporary. Five days of intensive work, between study and creation, which will end with an outcome open to the public as part of the INTRUSO exhibition. info and registration: