Open studio | The secret life of an ancient profession in its most lively newness

Visit a vintage printing office, visit Betterpress Lab

During the Open Studio day, you are invited to visit Betterpress Lab, an artistic and artisanal printshop, a letterpress studio. We’ll show and tell you the history and the stories of vintage machinery and tools recovered from the typographical tradition which today revive to give voice to new interpretations, experiments and artistic research. The space presents itself as an interesting fusion between the workspace where we  handset and print manually, and a constantly transforming atelier. The works on display tell the story of 10 years of workshops, educational courses and collaborations with artists, poets, illustrators, calligraphers and commonly with those who chose our types to give voice to thoughts and ideas.

At 4.00 pm we will open the doors, we will be surprised at the work, so that we can let you snoop into the secret life of an ancient profession.

Until 7.00 pm we will answer all your curiosities.