Armonia delle Sfere

Solo painting exhibition of artist: Javier

Ass. Culturale Lavatoio Contumaciale

Ass. Culturale Lavatoio Contumaciale

The inauguration will open with a performance by Louis Siciliano and Giovanni Imparato who will perform music expressly composed "in harmonic frequency" with the works on display.

“Michelangelo said of himself that he had learned the art of sculpture by sucking milk from his nurse who was the wife of a stonemason in the small village of Settignano in the second half of the 15th century. This means that the Artist felt first and foremost a Sculptor, even if his unparalleled paintings, whether panels or frescoes, would have been the school in the world.
Without wanting to make improper comparisons, I have seen the sculptures of Javier, born in Buenos Aires, but now living in the Marche for decades and we are here to present an exhibition of his painting because, just as Michelangelo had to paint to be a sculptor, so Javier cannot do less than this other form of expression to complete his happiness of the Soul which, now, unfolds in the Works that make up his "Harmony of the spheres".
It is no coincidence that his works are created by mixing together different mediums and some materials, such as plaster, enamels and colored earths which, then, end up communicating with historical techniques such as those of oil colours, but also with acrylic ones and dyes. industrialists, according to what great artists such as Jackson Pollock or Hans Hartung did before Javier. In fact, that residue of figurativism that emerges in his sculptural works almost completely disappears in his pictorial creations.
Javier is inspired by the beauty of the cosmos understood as a mirror of the infinitely small of human cells. The infinitely large is identical to the infinitely small and the "Harmonies of the spheres" become harmonies of the cells"

Marco Bussagli

The Italian-Argentine artist Javier who has lived in Macerata for over 40 years cannot belong to a single artistic category, in fact his works range from painting, to sculpture, to writing with which he gives substance to his thoughts which almost approach poetry , but which he himself defines as an expression of his soul in words. In 2011, by attending the Graffito School of Montemurro, he created the work "Love and poetry"; continuing Montemurro's experience he continues with the creation of graffiti through the use of various colored kicks.
Admiring the works chosen for this solo show, the observer's gaze gets lost among the evolutions of the pictorial sign, immersing him in the hypnosis of forms-non-forms, losing himself in the spatiality represented.

Grace Menna