12 vases speak ikebana

Exhibition of vases and ikebana arrangements

The event we are proposing on the occasion of Rome Art Week is a display of 12 vases created by as many potters in which plant and non-plant materials are arranged according to Sogetsu ikebana art.

The Sogetsu School was founded by Sofu Teshigahara in 1927, with the aim of freeing ikebana from the constraints of tradition, with its rigid and repetitive styles, bringing it into the world and making it a contemporary art form that reflects the artist's personality and style.

Participating ceramicists

Alberto Rubio Hernandez
Anne-Frederique de Bellefroid
Elettra Cipriani
Elisabetta Tiziana Villa
Lorenzo Bellini
Marco Vallesi
Maria Valerio
Maurizio Gualdi
Paola Orlandi
Pirjo Eronen
Sonia Mascioli
Stella Marina Gallas

have created free forms of vases for the occasion to accommodate the arrangement by Lucia Pierelli, a certified teacher at the Sogetsu School in Tokyo, a member of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association, Azalea Study Group Belgium, Sogetsu Branch Netherlands and Ikebana International Belgium (Hana Chapter #248) and founder, along with colleague Paola Belfiore, of Ikebanalab (www.ikebanalab.com) in Rome


Artists not present in this edition