CHIARA MARTINEZ - The space race -

Exhibition and fanzine dedicated to the importance of sport for disabled childre

Space race, Chiara Martinez

Space race, Chiara Martinez

We are aware of the importance that physical activity has at all ages, for the health and psychophysical well-being of the individual.

However, sport for disabled children often remains distant and unexplored terrain, as if it were a planet light years away from us.

In Viterbo, the Vitersport association, working together with a group of physiotherapists, has planned sports activities dedicated to children with disabilities using a fun, stimulating and open-air training method.

Thanks to the perseverance of the coach and the volunteers of the Universal Civil Service, through specific athletic exercises and a modified three-wheeled racing bicycle, without pedals and with particular supports for the body, called Race Runner, it was possible to create a nice group of young athletes.

Sport in disabled children should be seen as a necessity like physiotherapy, psychological therapy and pharmacological treatments. By complementing them, excellent results are achieved. By following the children over time as they train, one can clearly perceive the progress that some of them have achieved in just a few months of practice.

Being able to move freely on the track, even together with able-bodied athletes, is a great achievement for these kids.