Lorenzo Bruschini's Open Studio

The Open Studio is dedicated to the "VOYAGE À LASCAUX" project, Lorenzo Bruschini's latest research and study journey, on the theme "Art and Animality". The artist, who recently returned from the trip that took him to travel over 7,000 km to the most important "ornate caves" of the French regions of Ariège, Tarn, Ardèche, Dordogne and Provence, presents for the first time the artist's book created during the trip (hand-bound, 30 drawn and painted sheets), a "Self-portrait at Pampelonne" (charcoal, ink, gouache and tempera on cardboard) and a series of ink drawings produced during the project which took place starting from an artist residency in the heart of Occitania (Pampelonne, France). More info: https://www.lorenzobruschini.com/artprojects