Dimensional Bridges

Personal exhibition by Simone Crespi

Cabaret Voltaire Gallery, in collaboration with Bacc Gallery, presents the exhibition "Dimensional Bridges" by the artist Simone Crespi. The exhibition, composed of ten portraits of life and dreams, are inspired by the civilizations and feelings of the origins. The artist, who recently passed away, made his art multifaceted, expressing himself through painting, poetry and sculpture. The artist himself says of his art:

“[...] My work is a bridge. A bridge to connect the East and the West, the concept and the aesthetic expression, A bridge between the most archaic cultures and the contemporary one. In life I understood the need for mediation very late while in art it presented itself naturally, almost from the beginning.”

Critics agree in saying that the artist draws on all of Art, representing a timeless world, his world, giving rise to an ironic and unscrupulous citationist aesthetic of the figurative and allegorical repertoire of the past. He thus highlighted the globality of common roots, from pre-Columbian civilizations to the origins of Mediterranean peoples. Prudent and ascetic, he cleanses the images of "his ancestral memories" and imposes on them a presence in the contemporary world.

The Bacc Gallery, cultural promoter of the Crespi collection, created the first retrospective of the Artist in 2021 and subsequently exhibited a selection of his works under the title Homo Machina at the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, which for those wishing to delve deeper and know better, are on permanent display at the BACCGallery in via Panisperna 205.

The life of the artist: After a trip to Iranian Turkestan he began to paint and become interested in art under the guidance of Prof. Enzo Rossi, former Director of the Institute of Sacred Art in Rome. His work is influenced by the cultural climate of the early eighties, the years of his education when he enrolled at the Art Institute, and at the same time worked in the ceramic laboratory directed by Prof. Alvaro Ciancarmirla. During this period he created a series of oil and tempera painting works, as well as sculptures and ceramic artefacts. He then enrolled, in the year 1982-83, in the biennial specialization course in stoneware and porcelain with an artistic focus at the Art Institute of Faenza, where he graduated in June 1984. Subsequently he attended the biennial specialization course in the art of majolica. , again at the Art Institute of Faenza where he met and frequented the sculptor Carlo Zauli whom he followed in the various phases of technical and artistic creation of the sculptor's latest works, being encouraged and advised by him in his activities in the field of ceramics. Winner of a scholarship from the Japanese Government and carried out his research program at the Kyoto Academy of Arts, in the Artistic Ceramics Section, from April 1986 to March 1987. During this period he exhibited in a collective exhibition at the Museum Kyoto Municipal Art. At the same time travel through many cities and natural sites in Japan, visiting temples and works of art. He participates in various personal and collective exhibitions, including the Rome Quadrennial. He dies on April 25, 2021