Nino De Luca | Stefano Trappolini

The duo painting exhibition entitled "Between land and sea, journey of the souls" curated by Velia Littera, is a dialogue between two talented contemporary artists, Stefano Trappolini and Nino De Luca. Both have dedicated their lives to art trying to express their visions through it.

Inside a small gallery, visitors will find themselves immersed in a world of suggestions and reflections, surrounded by an atmosphere that links the land where souls walk, and the infinite mystery of the sea. It is the beginning of a journey, an artistic journey that will lead them to imagine human experiences and emotions, to discover the "Journey of Souls".

Between the artist and the viewer there will be a connection that goes beyond words, talent and vision of two extraordinary artists who explore the fascinating theme of the human journey between land and sea.

The curator made a precise and fascinating choice by selecting two artistic languages that celebrate warm colors and cold colors in all their expressive richness. The use of colours in art has always been a powerful tool to communicate deep feelings and complex stories of which here we find a wide representation.