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The pictorial exhibition of the artist Antonella Squillaci and the immersive experience through augmented reality, conceived by MetagGate and RHNH entitled Verso and Metaveso, curated by Chiara Sticca participates in the RAW, Roman contemporary art week now in its eighth edition.

In the week from 23 to 28 October, Rome places itself at the center of the contemporary art scene, offering the public of enthusiasts, collectors and scholars a wide range of events.

The Lynk&Co host location stands out from similar entities in terms of communication strategy. The club located in via del Corso is attentive and sensitive to high-level artistic proposals and is a brand that spends a lot on sustainability, opening the doors to events of a playful and reflective nature.

Women are the focus of the works of the artist Antonella Squillaci, faceless black and white women, a bright material three-dimensionality that concentrates the power of courage, manifest fragility and stubbornness of every woman. An interior journey of the artist through the spirit of poetry painted with expert brushstrokes in which life is born from the black background, sometimes complicated but fascinating and seductive.

Antonella Squillaci, painter and sculptor, has won many artistic awards, appreciated by the critic Vittorio Sgarbi for her pictorial research, elegance and experimentation.

The Verso and Metaverso project was created thanks to the synergistic work of two realities that operate in the metaverse MetagGate by Marco Pizzini, Davide Felloni who develop AR experience on Over the Reality with their team and RHNH by Davide Macullo, Odilia Prisco, Luca Schieppati, whose aim is to bring Italian design into the metaverse.

With the collaboration of these two realities operating in the metaverse at an international level, the exhibition was created in order to create an immersive experience, through augmented reality, which intersected, on parallel levels, with the canonical exhibition reality. Visitors will admire the splendid works of Antonella Squillaci both in reality and in the metaverse.

The works will remain on display until October 28, 2023


Artists not present in this edition