encoding IMAGO

Jacopo Mandich solo exhibition

encoding IMAGO 02 Jacopo Mandich

encoding IMAGO 02 Jacopo Mandich

opening day Saturday 23 September 10.00am-9.00pm

On Saturday 23 September the FABER art gallery presents the personal exhibition encoding IMAGO by Jacopo Mandich.

encoding IMAGO: right from the title, a deliberately cryptic and dichotomous intent is evident, aimed, on the one hand, at surprising the viewer, and on the other, at moving away from total rationality to favor the vision of the senses.
Mandich's new project marks, in fact, a turning point in his artistic and intellectual training path.
The sculptor traces the two tracks that represent the key to his entire research: the anthropological-social one and the personal and interior one. These two souls, while remaining formally disjoined, seem to flow into each other, both from a purely physical point of view and through a purely conceptual reading of the works.
Therefore, the alchemical fusion between materials, which has always been present in Mandich's work, gives life to something different on this occasion; the iron is grafted into the wood creating an imaginary and mendacious alphabet, the attempt at decoding represents an effort, perhaps in vain, but necessary, to rediscover our roots.
In this sense, combustion taken to the extreme, which leads us back to the essence of carbon, also indicates the desire to investigate the origins of beings and elements.

The exhibition was born entirely site-specific, it unfolds starting from a focal point located at the back of the room, to develop with a fragmented but almost musical rhythm, as if it were the result of a living and pulsating neuronal activity.

“ This could be a personal archeology in the territory of exhausted memory, where intelligible codes map spacetime.”

curated by Cristian Porretta

from 23 September to 25 November 2023
Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 19:00 Sunday by appointment
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