Forgotten Places

International photografic and video group exhibition curated by LoosenArt


The Forgotten Places exhibition curated by LoosenArt and hosted at the Millepiani space is a collection of photographic and video works that constitute an exploratory excursus of abandoned, forgotten and rediscovered places.

With the advent of photography, a new documentary approach intervenes in giving a testimony of human kind, through the direct recording of behaviors and the traces they leave.

One of the most representative approaches of the exhibition concerns the phenomenon of Urbex - Urban Exploration - an activity of exploration of abandoned places, its objective being that of telling the history of those who have lived there, through documenting the traces and objects which seem to be fixed and frozen in time.

A further focus of the exhibition is to shed light on the evocative charm of places where nature makes itself manifest by redeeming its spaces, asking questions and offering opportunities for reflections on our relationship with the environment starting from the need for a more organic relationship with it.

Forgotten Places are also those personal places that pertain to each of our biographies, places that require a return to observe the images of our memories with new eyes, or to rekindle memories of an experience in order to better understand who we are.