Art is the V essential and intermediate element between the primordial elements



Quintessence is the title chosen by Anna Isopo of Arte Borgo Gallery for the exhibition included in the VIII edition of RAW 2023 which will take place at the Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana. The Palazzo della Cancelleria is a building of great historical value, an architectural jewel, overlooking the square of the same name, in the center of Rome, near Campo dei Fiori.

The prestigious rooms will frame the works of international artists and will be divided into a collective exhibition and two personal exhibitions.

The origins of the "fifth essence" can be traced back to the classical theory, according to which the universe is composed of four elements - water, air, fire and earth - held together by a fifth element, invisible but at the same time omnipresent beyond the boundaries of space and time. The main property of the fifth element is the ability to permeate the celestial sphere, as it is endowed with greater purity than the four terrestrial elements.

In this sense, Art is considered as the fifth essential element, intermediate between the primordial elements, between the visible and the invisible, between reality and the dream. It is the essence, the intimate and ultimate nature, pure projection of the poetics and soul of those who make it their life mission every day: the artist.