Veiled Identities

Personal exhibition of Alessandra Silenzi

Alea offers the personal exhibition of Alessandra Silenzi, an artist with a refined expressive sensibility. The works proposed here, with an unusual and fascinating technique, will suggests visitors to question our multifold perceptions, that make us different every day.

The artist will be present.



If it is true that nothing is created and destroyed but everything is transformed, it is equally true that a single impression can continue to decant in us until it is transformed into more ideas or actions. The new works of the first personal exhibition of Alessandra Silenzi, a refined painter with a predilection for nudes and abstract landscapes, arise from the artist's attraction given by the casual breaking of her stockings, which prompted her over the years to try to reproduce those accidental but so seductively geometric effects, through linoleum carving and collography.
Subsequently, the artist develops the idea of ​​using nylon stockings to express his hesitant inner certainties, first using them in the graphic technique of soft wax (which consists in imprinting an object on a metal plate sprinkled with soft wax to reproduce all the reliefs of the same), then taking the raw material directly – the socks – and applying them directly to a surface. The gesture of breaking is an instinct that arises and slowly unfolds while the hand pulls and tears the nylon, the fraying in sequence imitates cell reproduction, which increases in a dizzying rhythm, the synthetic fibers are modeled and superimposed, even in different colors, to give a dreamlike depth, to recreate that multiplicity of perceptions that is our soul. Looking closely at those forms, we are catapulted into an expanding cell, and we are the ones who support our internal movement in that small cosmos, in short, we are opening up to the world, with our fears and indecisions.
The impulse that moves the artist is to follow his own internal vibrations and reproduce them like a seismograph on the white canvas which, expanding under the nylon, takes on new forms, suggests new concepts, opens other doors. It is a double spiral of randomness and search for composition, and each time something new is born from those synthetic veils and abrasions which, as she herself says, recall not only a primordial process such as cellular mitosis, but also the structure of wood viewed under a microscope.
We don't know what level of awareness lies behind these unexpected and intriguing works, it is probably a constantly evolving state of mind, where fragility and strength interpenetrate, just as happens secretly within each of us.

Andrea Pacini


Structures not present in this edition