"Camera Obscura", a never seen Roma

The visionary photographic project by Gianmaria De Luca at Home Gallery

Glimpse from Chiesa Nuova

Glimpse from Chiesa Nuova

"Impressive reality": two words to describe "Camera Obscura", the visionary photographic project by Gianmaria de Luca, talking about the extraordinary beauty of his works, either the ingenious technique he used.
The artist decided to use a pinhole camera because it functions as the human eye does in registering what we see in the world. This process has helped to come back to the origins of his own existence and to those of the mediums that he chose to communicate during his lifetime, photography and figurative art. The image exposed directly to the light-sensitive paper with the white vignette gives you the idea of looking at this view from a maternal cave.  His view of the city is depicted as upside down and reversed, is vividly defined, is absent of colour, there are no people due to the long exposure, and it exchanges light for dark, and dark for light.




Structures not present in this edition