Corpo Vitreo atto II

Performing art

On the occasion of the RAW Art Night on December 16th we will be exceptionally open from 19.00 to 22.30 for the event "Corpo Vitreo Act II" by Andrea and Francesco Segreto.
> PERFORMANCE at 19.30
“They are playing a game. They are playing not playing a game. If I show them that I see them play, I will break the rules and they will punish me”
Corpus Vitreo act II - If in the first act we asked the spectator, before going down the stairs, to close his eyes for an instant and imagine that he was being observed by someone, investigating his own condition as spectator, voyeur, unseen observer of immutable realities, the whose condition was questioned, alone, and judged, in Corpo Vitreo act II we ask the spectator to share spaces, breaths, contiguity between each other and himself.
The video transforms into a performance, the anonymous and discolored aseptic environments transform into confusion, crowds and personal investigation.
The two seemingly feelingless characters now wander and measure their living space together with the viewer. Two identities, dependent on the viewer's gaze that will exist as long as he contemplates them.


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