Artistically Red

contemporary Art Exhibition

Area Contesa Arte International Gallery presents the Contemporary Art Review "ARTISTICALLY RED" December 16-January 8, 2023. Like every year in December, the International Gallery Area Contesa Arte organizes a special Review dedicated to the atmospheres and the symbolic color of Christmas: red.
Also this year from December 16 until January 8, 2023, the Gallery opens the splendid Artistically Red Review.
The Christmas period in the City of Rome has always been rich in Italian and foreign tourism; the shopping streets are a meeting point and thus become a selling point. The historic Via Margutta in recent years has become the center of interest for Collectors and Art Buyers who wish to buy for themselves or to give as gifts splendid works of art. The 'Event will feature a Vernissage full of surprises:Enogastronomic Tastings, Burlesque performances, snobbery and frivolity...The absolutely exceptional Event, absolutely one of a kind, created and curated by Teresa M. and Tina Zurlo, will be enriched by entertainment, Music and food and wine tastings and excellent live from Il Casale del Giglio. The event will take place on Friday, Dec. 16 at 6 p.m. in the Eternal City, specifically in the historic Via dell'arte, Via Margutta 90 in Rome.Drs. Teresa M. Zurlo and Tina Zurlo will conduct the event and will be members of the jury along with stratigraphic spatula master Mario Salvo and Prince Alfio Borghese. The assembled experts will reserve critical commentary for the participants' works. Marco Bonanni will be present as stage photographer, while Adriana Russo will be Godmother of the Event. Splendid Solo Exhibitions will also be inaugurated in the context of this splendid evening. The PICASSO ROOM will feature the works of Artist Mario Ferrante, while the Modigliani Room will feature the works of Maurizio Fabri. Finally, a splendid BURLESQUE show will enrich the Event.