projection - Rosewater Ontology of Art - part one

Choral reflection edited by A. D'Amico, B. Lo Turco, L. Giombini, R. Melasecca

Through some extremely simple and basic questions, the fundamental issues of artistic phenomena will be addressed with the lightness of rosewater.

The documentary, conceived and directed by Alberto D'Amico, with filming and editing by Nicola De Simone, will present a large number of interviews with artists, art historians, philosophers, curators and art lovers, to have the richness of differently angled points of view. Some definitions of art selected by Silvia Bordini will also be included.

The project envisages the establishment of an archive where all integral interviews will be preserved and made available later for consultation, while in the video presented some excerpts will necessarily be selected.

With speeches by:
Massimo Arduini, Marco Bianchi, Carlo Alberto Bucci, Maria Sole Cardulli, Roberto Cavallini, Marco Colazzo Luciano Corvaglia, Isabelle Dehais, Francesca de’ Medici, Mauro De Silvestre, Massimiliano Padovan Di Benedetto, Nina Eaton, Gianni Garrera,  Werther Germondari, Lisa Giombini, Marco Giovenale, Vittorio Giusepponi, Barbara Lalle, Bruno Lo Turco, Gulia Lusikova, Karolina Liusikova, Roberta Melasecca, Marco Marassi, Claudia Muratori, Giuditta Elettra Lavinia Nidiaci, Elena Nonnis, Gabriella Pace, Daniela Perego, Roberto Piloni, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Julie-Rebecca Poulain, Silvia Stucky, Maya Vetri. 

Alberto D'Amico (©) 2022



Artists not present in this edition