Paper Stories

Paper Sculptures - Ivan Markovic

Falling woman

Falling woman

For the first time the canadian sculptor Ivan Markovic show is artworks to the Raw in a design hotel : Poesis Experience Hotel in the hearth of the city center.

The artist says: " Paper is perfectly suited to express the psychological states of people who face situations of adversity. This medium is delicate, but also characterized by strength and durability. These multiple qualities of paper evoke both the fragility and fortitude of human beings."

POESIS Experience Hotel

Poesis Experience Hotel is born from the desire to create a place where the journey turns into that experience that remains forever.

A new hospitality project is born in the heart of the Eternal City. Just as the single words of a Poetry synchronize like the notes of a Music, we have put together every detail. Through the paths of light, art, refined design and elegance we have created a new place while maintaining the original identity and flavor of the Palace.

Through light trails, modern and ancient luxury design meet in the most beautiful city in the world. Geometric shapes accompany the guest throughout the building by immersing it in a poem made of history and art, passion and creativity, an experience that will accompany you and make you come back to relive the emotions of your trip to Rome.

Nothing is by chance. The house welcomes you by its fireplace to let you experience comfort and design, all framed by the alleys and marbles of the historic center.

La Vetta, the rooftop, offers a splendid view of the roofs of Rome, of  Villa dei Medici and the Pincio terrace.