Light stolen from those who are literally made of light like you and me.

From the exhibition

From the exhibition "The light that does not flee" by Massimo Frattini, "Rome", 2018, backlit at sunset above the Spanish Steps

A multi-level research into the intensity of light.
From the hint in the shade to the most hidden and invisible one without instrumental help such as the one that comes from a gulf full of stars of a nebula or from a very small ravine inside a crystal ... to reach the one that fills the our lives and therefore more human, made up of the moments of those who live and the things that surround us on this incredible planet.

Like all of us overwhelmed by life and events, I lived trying to choose and settle in a positive sense and therefore I had a family, work commitments, moral and emotional duties that were light, pleasant and sometimes hard and very demanding.
A journey that you all know because it is the same mirror in which we all see each other repeated ... but at the same time I struggled a lot trying to stay alert or better "with my feet planted on the ground" mission extremely difficult for me. Then I met an old love in his new guise, photography.
Side by side with my life, she followed me everywhere, allowing me to "go out" and see with other eyes, those who remember that moment without making it fade in memories and over time.

Massimo Frattini