Homo Deus Mensura

Man is the measure of God

"For centuries the myth has been the compass that guides man in the ocean of time: a timeless lighthouse, a reference point for those who sail through the dark waters of the human soul and history.
Yet even the objective immutability of the myth changes! As every civilization has always interpreted the myth, in the same way, the subjective point of view of the artist, alters more or less explicitly the elements."
So the artist Francesco Cipullo tells the selection of works for this double exhibition in which he investigates together with Kaey the relationship between the human and the divine in the dichotomy that on one hand celebrates the historicization of myth in some of the most famous characters of the imagination collective, while on the other facing the ideal liberation from false gods.
"In the perspective of a myth as could be that of Prometheus, despite the piety that moves the hero, insolence towards the gods (and values) is punished in an atrocious way.
In the case of Zarathustra, God is dead, society is decadent and a way of living Dionysian as a solution is suggested, as the only extract of a correct observance of Greek philosophy and mythology". According to Kaey instead it is much more interesting to analyze the most tragic extremes of the paradigm, where the relationship with God becomes translated into the epic clash that sees the human rise to the idea of Superman, freeing himself from the limits and needs imposed by the Divine.
Homo Deus Mensura invites us to take part in this confrontation as judge super partes, spett/actor of the dialogue between the two artists.


Artists not present in this edition