No Gods Anymore

performance art

Every process of creation passes through destruction. Metamorphosis is necessary to the research and the choice to face the growth

In Kaey’s work it is the same destructive gesture that shapes creation.

A difficult path that the artist undertook in this performance that is presented in all respects as a strong and controversial experience, provocative and at the same time suitable to stimulate reflection in the mind of the viewer.

For the artist, getting rid of icons is equivalent to undressing oneself from ambition, abandoning oneself to an extreme gesture, preferring truth and honesty. Destroying the gods that each of us creates to better endure the transience of existence, destroy the demons -dostoevskiani- of which you are succubi, embrace a broader vision, more visceral is the right way to reach the truth.

Admit your animal nature, murky, violent and not be afraid to show it to others.
Only in this way can we live free, authentic, in the awareness, in the faith of thought, of the mind and in the Art.


The performance will take place on the 27th of October at 7 pm. in Libreria Todomodo, Via Bellegra 44-46