Emotions Lives from the sea in winter

NeuroPsicoEstetica installation and art performance

Exhibition of the work "Live Emotions from the sea in winter" and art installation NeuroPsicoEstetica "The Living Emotions from the Sea":

* Performance of body painting

* Harmonic bathing

* Sensory olfactory experience

* Intervention of reading in rhymes

Emotions Live from the sea in winter.

The sea in winter brings with it overbearing and enveloping waves of life. It brings memories, emotions and hopes. The distant memories of past emotions bring us back, leaving on the skin the melancholy of what was not, the disenchantment of those who betrayed us, the energy of our travels, the harmony that we have granted ourselves, the passions that we have been able to ignite. We thus immerse ourselves in floating territories of sacred waters within art, in an amniotic dimension never equal to itself, in a reasoning that becomes both substance and facilitation of our well-being and creativity for the symbolic birth of a new self. The pearls of water that come from the sea with great intensity heat the feet, legs, belly, arms, chest, shoulders, neck and up to one’s face, eyes, lips and hair, transforming novelty and possibility into a new reality. A mixture of marvelous and imperfect uncertainties. Each of our parts is organized and reharmonized and with the enthusiasm of a child we dive into enveloping pictorial colors, with the curiosity of an adolescent we are satisfied with the intoxicating scent of essential oils, through our senses only an adult can achieve we allow ourselves to be seduced by the fascination of intense and precious sounds of the harmonic bath. We then feel how only the wisdom of the elderly can make us aware of the warmth of a gesture that welcomes and allows a discovery of emotions that once belonged to us.