Synesthesia. Art in all senses - in dialogue with Lamberto Pignotti

Debate on the relationship between art and the five senses

Lamberto Pignotti  vernissage

Lamberto Pignotti vernissage

The verbal-visual and synaesthetic works of Maestro Lamberto Pignotti are the setting for an in-depth talk on the relationship between art and the senses. Multisensory art silently changes its genes to renew itself in a work in progress that we still don't know where it will lead. 

A debate between experts such as the art historian Lorenzo Canova, also curator of the current exhibition, the semiotic teacher Isabella Pezzini  from Rome University La Sapienza, the essayst Alberto Abruzzese and the great intellectual Lamberto Pignotti. The debate will be moderated by communication expert professor Leonardo Romei